Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Great question! When trusting a company to perform services for your home or business you will want to consider the following.  After all, the service provider you select will not only be working on your most valuable asset, but also near your family.

  • Is the service provider insured, bonded, or licensed? It’s also recommended to check the amount of coverage compared to your property’s value and what the policy will cover. Currently, the City of San Antonio does not require exterior cleaning companies to maintain a license or permit. However, companies providing pressure washing services in San Antonio MUST register with the San Antonio Water System (SAWS). Click Here, check if your provider is registered.
  • Do they offer walk-throughs prior to beginning the service? Preliminary walk-throughs with an expert is a crucial step in the process. This allows you to meet with, ask questions, and establish a relationship with our technicians prior to entrusting them with the care of your home.
  • What is the hiring process; how are technicians vetted? Just as you would interview a new employee, you should be interviewing your service providers. Often, our technicians perform services inside your home – we background check all employees to ensure the highest quality technicians join our team.
  • Can the company provide testimonials? It’s becoming more common to hear stories from customers that hired an initial service provider with little research, only to find that they performed subpar work. Ask for reviews or before an after photos. Make sure they are highly recommended across multiple platforms.

In the Texas hill country, we highly recommend having windows cleaned bi-annually. This will help eliminate the minerals and dirt that can accumulate over time.

We recommend giving your homes exterior a good sprucing up at least once a year. For areas with higher humidity and precipitation, cleaning is recommended in the spring to remove any mold, algae, or other organic growth.

For businesses with more foot traffic it is recommended to set a maintenance schedule of either monthly or quarterly to property maintain its shine.

You should expect to receive verification of your appointment as well as an on-my-way notification prior to your service window. Depending on the job size, you should expect to see 1-3 technicians all wearing company uniforms. We request that when available, our clients be present during the service window. Once on-site, techs will perform a walk-through of the property and verify the work to be done. After verification, our team will begin work to make your property shine!

Our team will use expert techniques and the best tools to make your home shine!

On days when the weather is in question, we will contact the customer beforehand. We closely monitor the current weather conditions. Even if it rains after our visit, your windows will be still clean after they dry. Rainwater is not what makes your windows streak or spot, it’s the dirt and grime that builds up over time that causes them to become dirty.

We request that pets are secured prior to our technicians entering your property. Our team loves pets, we even have an office pup. However, our team would be devastated if your pet got loose. To make sure they stay safe, please crate them.

Absolutely! According to the National Association of Realtors, a proper pressure washing of a home’s drive, walls, and roof can add up to $15,000 to the sale price.

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